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The Original LoveSnax Game - 1st Edition (VERY LIMITED)

The Original LoveSnax Game - 1st Edition (VERY LIMITED)

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Be one of the very first to own The LoveSnax Game of Mixed Emotions. Only 100 were printed! Each game is numbered and signed by the creator, Theresa Claire Robbins. 2nd edition coming soon!


A fast, easy and fun game for family members of all ages. Guaranteed to get the conversation started!

Introduces 32 Pairs of Emotional Vocabulary Words:

Surprised, Helpful, Cheerful, Brave, Happy, Excited, Curious, Motivated

Worried, Scared, Stubborn, Mad, Embarrassed, Frustrated, Confused, Hungry,

 Bored, Tired, Hurt, Sorry, Left Out, Sad, Sick, Shy

Grateful, Determined, Patient, Respectful, Safe, Kind, Loving, Calm 

*The cards are designed for multiple uses. In addition to the original game, other applications include a memory game, emotion bingo, Go Fish and more!