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The LoveSnax Game® of Mixed Emotions - 2nd Edition

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The LoveSnax Game® of Mixed Emotions is a new way to teach kids about their emotions in a fast, easy and fun way. 

Guaranteed to get the conversation started!

Introduces 32 Pairs of Emotional Vocabulary Words:

Surprised, Helpful, Cheerful, Brave, Happy, Excited, Curious, Proud

Worried, Scared, Stubborn, Mad, Embarrassed, Frustrated, Confused, Hungry,

Distracted, Tired, Hurt, Sorry, Left Out, Sad, Sick, Shy

Grateful, Determined, Patient, Respectful, Safe, Kind, Calm, Peaceful 

*The cards are designed for multiple uses. In addition to the original game, other applications include a memory game, Emotion BINGO, Go Fish and more!

Each game comes with a free sample pack of LoveSnax lunchbox notes. While supplies last.